Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Muse - August 31, 2016

Normally I try not to take trivial matters seriously, but when you add a stressful, demanding job in the equation you WILL get stung by it. No matter how much you try to stay mentally and positively strong.

*cue the waterworks*

But that's okay, because crying is not a weakness. It lets out all the frustration and misery so you can start afresh.

So at the end of the day, you do your job well because you signed up for it and all the credits belong to you alone. Never mind if your colleagues do not recognize your effort but knowing that you gave your hundred percent in it is all that matters. Know that you can proudly say that you have utilized every single tool given to you and do one hell of a job.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Celebrate Humanity

The 2016 Olympics is about to come to an end and life for the past 2 weeks have been pretty much all about swimming, gymnastics and badminton. It also reminds you to go to the gym.

Since becoming a fan of the Games, this is the first time I made a point to indulge in it as much as I could. I have my own TV and Astro decoder now so I don't have to fight for it like when I was still living with my folks. Hehe.

If you love watching the Olympics, chances are you'd watched this video before. Celebrate Humanity was a promotional tool during the 2000 Olympics. It tells inspiring stories of athletes, promotes various Olympic core values and asks the world to join and celebrate humanity.

The video is narrated by the late Robin Williams. Here's the transcript in English just in case as the subtitles are in Portuguese.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Pageant Predictions: Miss Teen USA 2016

Miss Teen USA 2016 is tomorrow, 11am 9am Sunday* if you're from Malaysia. It airs live on the Miss U App, which you can download on your phone, Miss Teen USA, Facebook and Youtube. Unless I'm allowed to stream it during church service, I don't think I'll be watching.

Predictions as usual:
Alabama - Erin Snow
Colorado - Alexis Sheree Wynne
Idaho - Kate Pekuri
Indiana - Lauren Boswell
Iowa - Hannah Marie Bockhaus
Kentucky - Christiaan Prince
Louisiana - Ellie Picone
Maryland - Amy Ingram
Minnesota - Sophia Primozich
Mississippi - Lauren Elizabeth Rymer
Missouri - Dallas Ezard
New Hampshire - Valeria Podobniy
New York - Natalia Terrero
North Dakota - Paige Mathison
Ohio - Olivia Turk
Oklahoma - Hellen Caroline Smith
Rhode Island - Malia Kalamani Cruz
South Carolina - Marley Marie Stokes
Texas - Karlie Hay
Utah - AbbyJade Larson
Vermont - Tammy Vujanovic
Virginia - Gracyn Blackmore
West Virginia - Cassy Trickett

*My bad, I converted wrongly

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Muse - 20 July 2016

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This hits close to home because work has been mundane and stressful lately. I try to make it a point to leave work by 9pm in the event of too much work. My manager gave me a different job scope also, so until I am familiar with it I foresee many stay backs. I am also trying to improve on my time management, I promise.

So I try my best to vary the things I do lately:

1. Wedding is over, so we’re planning our honeymoon. We’re undecided between US and Europe but researches on hotels, flight tickets and itineraries are pretty exciting. Or maybe you can check back with me in a few months to see if it’s still exciting.

2. Finish my paint-by-numbers artwork.

3. I’m planning to take violin classes, which in turn I’d need to do some budgeting.

I have a lot more plans in store for myself, but I think these 3 items are enough for me to handle at this point.

Best of luck to me, yay :)

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Half yearly update

Apologies again for leaving you for half a year.

It has been a whirlwind past 6 months and I will try to finish all of the posts I have been meaning to publish but didn't have sufficient time.

In regards to personal life, I got hitched on June 18, 2016. A year's worth of planning for a 5 hour event is mind boggling but we thoroughly enjoyed the process. Will definitely do a post for this.

As for work, it didn't go as well as I wanted it to so that was a pretty bummer week. But we have to pick ourselves up because the only way we can go is forward, unless there's a time machine I can borrow to go back in time.

I also managed to snag an interview for a position in the department I have always wanted to go to but didn't get the job. :/

This weekend will be busy with a wedding today, meeting my folks and paying our respects to my bridesmaid's late father tomorrow.

But with our wedding done and over with, I am hoping to continue and perfecting the things I enjoy doing and learning a thing or two.